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Kuro Mizu

(10 Reviews)
What is Kuro Mizu? Kuro Mizu is Zenso’s exclusive formulated diuretic formula that flushes and eliminates excess water from the body due to water retention thus reduces swelling, puffiness and restore body firmness! Combines 3 years fermented Kurozu and 5 key ingredients that does the following:
  • Detoxes and improves liver functions
  • Improves swollen limbs
  • Removes excess sodium via urination
  • Regulates lipid and glucose metabolism resulting in healthy weight loss
To ensure the efficacy, this item is only available for repeating customers. Kindly enquire for more details.

The product is not available in your country.


(10 Reviews)
Promote fat burn and metabolism. Inhibit the conversion of sugar into fat. Suppress your appetite, reduce the consumption of calories.
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