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Frusso, bring back your confidence

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Understand My Body Type

Every Body is Beautiful and Unique

Bodies come in different shapes and sizes. Some of us have narrower shoulders, stouter thighs or fuller figure – we are all a little different.

Although there are several innate factors like bone structure, genetics, hormones that shape your body type, you can still improve the overall physique with a combination of slimming and wellness programme. Take a moment to explore the most appropriate treatment just for YOU.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. How Frusso work?

FRUSSO as the only one in AUSTRALIA to have exclusive body shaping techniques. Self-confidence is a woman’s right. FRUSSO was developed by more than 10 different medical and health experts to solve all the problems of obesity.

2. Does Frusso really work?

We understand that everyone’s body type and diet is different and the results will definitely be different, but we have a group of highly competent experts at WeCare who have spent 3 years constantly searching for the best ingredients, which need to be 100% natural, using nano-technology to refine their effects completely, the Frusso ingredient is to help us stop all the causes of obesity and help Frusso ingredients are to help us stop all the causes of obesity, to help us stop the body from converting fat and producing fat, and to help us lose weight in a healthy and fast way with the latest Japanese slimming technology. For more details you can click on the booking and we will provide you with a professional slimming consultant for free!

3. Where is Frusso from?

Frusso is from Wellous. Wellous was established in 2016, being the forefront player in distributing beauty and functional food products to all corners of the world. Started with a humble beginning, Wellous aims to bring quality and innovative products for people from all walks of life. Uniqueness in creation and development is our main consideration when looking for our manufacturing partners. We also use the most stringent specifications to ensure high-quality control so as to provide assurance and ultimate satisfaction for all customers. Our belief in making life convenient and easy is what we stand firm and thus, all product ranges come in easy form of consumption method yet highly effective in results. Ultimately, we are the trendsetter in making healthcare affordable and beneficial. In Wellous, we work as a family to bring out the best for your health.

4. Got any Side Effects?

Frusso is certified by SFA ( Singapore Food Agency ) and HSA. Only 100% natural food can certificates by SFA. SFA was ranked Number 1 in the world 🏆In the Global Food Security Index for the second year running in 2019💯. Frusso had also been certified by many national governments and food safety agencies

5. What are the way to consume frusso? ( Most customers didn’t consume with the correct method )

Please click (Book Now) to book your professional consultant for free, and suggest the best way to take it according to your daily routine and eating habits.

6. How long does the shipping take?

In Australia, we use the best shipping service (DHL Express). It will take 3-5 working days only. All employees are tested for COVID-19 on time, and the packages have been strictly packaged and disinfected.

7. How to I have professional consultants?

Click ( Book Now ), We will arrange your dedicated professional consultant to contact you.

8. Can pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers consume FRUSSO?

Although FRUSSO is all natural. However, it is not recommended for pregnant women because pregnancy requires a lot of nutrients and losing weight will result in a loss of nutrients, and for breastfeeding need to waat after 6 months to start losing weight and get your pre-pregnancy perfect body back!

9. Can diabetic patients consume FRUSSO?

But dear don’t need to worry now 😍 One sachet of FRUSSO include 7 serving of different vegetables nutrition and Inulin😍 can help dear control and lower blood sugar

10. Can High blood Pressure patients consume FRUSSO?
FRUSSO fiber drink can improve blood pressure, cholesterol and fasting blood glucose levels in patients with hypertension and type 2 diabetes (T2DM). Researchers conducted a study on 200 adults with T2DM and hypertension. They increased their dietary fiber intake from the recommended dietary fiber allowance by 20% to 25% within 6 months and adhered to low sugar levels.

Know More

Start Healthy Slim down in the next 30 days. Without diet or exercise, or any side effects! Guarantted

But first… Why we are getting fatter?
Irregular meal
Excessive intake of sugar
Excessive intake of fat

The pleasurable sensation of the combination of sugar and fat that
Tends to make the brain lose control and over-consume, which leads to obesity


High-calorie foods produce fat that will burden the body, which will lead to gradual weight gain and disease problems.

The biggest cause of obesity, prone to obesity and disease; sugar reacts with collagen in the skin to produce “collagen yolk AGE”, making the skin saggy, dull and aging

It affects the secretion of insulin and adrenocorticotropic hormones, while the thyroid gland, which plays a role in the breakdown of fat, decreases, resulting in the accumulation of fat and causing obesity.

How FRUSSO Work?

Phase 1

FRUSSO contains both water-soluble and non-water-soluble fiber, Psyllium Husk is the water-soluble fiber, while Swallow Palm Fibre is non-water-soluble fiber, through its water-holding properties, when the two are combined, it will form a gel when it meets oil in the intestine, which can block the absorption of oil in the intestine and expel the blocked fat from the body.

Phase 2

Fibersol-2 can inhibit the rise of blood sugar and reduce insulin secretion, Fibersol-2 adopts the most scientific method of “blocking the absorption of sugar”. Fibersol-2 selectively absorbs and inhibits the glucose produced after digestion, so that a large amount of glucose is not involved in absorption and is directly excreted. At the same time, other nutrients and required proteins are retained. In a trial of adult patients with NIDDM, those who took Glucose Detox had lower blood glucose values than fasting at week 2 and reduced them to normal values by month 3.” .

Phase 3
One treatments 60 days (3 boxes) helps us to improve the probiotics in the gut, enhance the digestive system and metabolic function, our body can easily break down sugar and oil, so that they will not be easily synthesized into fat, and directly expel bad calories from our body. After we had successfully slim down, 100% make our body will not rebound!

FRUSSO ingredients are made with the strongest Refining Technology in Japan, perfectly preserving the effectiveness of all the ingredients, allowing us to stop everything that can cause obesity without dieting and exercise.

Start seeing the result in the next 60-120 days

1 box got 20 sachets
1 box can consume for 20 days

3 box 60 days is our one treatments.
For my optimum results, we highly recommend you to go for one treatments which is 60 days consumption period ( 3 box )

1st box:
-Improve body digestion
-Lost 3-5kg

2nd box:
– Improve metabolism
– Improve probiotics
– Lose 6-7kg

3rd box:
-Flush out excessive toxins & fats
-Flat belly arm thigh fats
-Start to lose stubborn fat
-Lose 9-13kg

If you decide to start, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful and sexy you can be, when you slim down

Then this is the most important message you’ll read all year!

You won’t believe how many people tons of money trying different solutions, but still, DIDN’T gets result they are satisfied with.


Exercise to lose weight requires a lot of exercise and a long period of persistence, many people insist on exercising every day to lose weight, but what they do is not aerobic exercise, but only consumes the sugar in the body. After exercise will also feel very hungry, eat a meal to make up for it. So the road to exercise for weight loss is filled with the pain of a tearing deadly cycle. First consume blood sugar, then liver sugar, then fat tissue, and finally protein. According to this order, in the process of consuming sugar, there will be no weight loss effect, consuming liver sugar will not, to the consumption of adipose tissue, is a lack of sugar, lack of sugar state of fat burning, will produce a lot of pyruvate, but also cause pyruvic acidosis, causing heart burden. It will also cause the risk of shock caused by hypoglycemia. This is why some people adhere to the daily exercise, health status is not as good as those who do not exercise


Dieting to lose weight is fast and allows you to see the weight come off falsely and still super fast, which is very satisfying for many people who are looking for speed. However, such an approach also shows that you have stepped into the wrong area of weight loss, mistaking weight loss for weight loss. Weight loss does not mean you are weight loss success, because weight loss can be a loss of water in our body, muscle loss, etc.. But fat is not lost and metabolism is down. When you resume your diet, the regain of weight is also very fast and sometimes exceeds your previous weight, which eventually makes you lose your confidence in losing weight. Many people gain pleasure by dieting to lose weight, but it is still possible to stick to a diet in the short term, and insisting on a diet for a long time will only force people into an extreme mode of weight loss. Some people’s self-control is really very poor, after trying to diet to lose weight, not only let their mental and emotional are in the irritable and irritable stage, but also easy to lead to malnutrition, hair loss, amenorrhea, etc.. Dieting is not only getting worse, even the metabolism is messed up.


Some salons advertise cheap slimming treatments for $88, but when you actually walk in, you find that the price becomes $888. They lure people in with an $88 package and keep pushing the $888 treatment during the service, tricking consumers with a 100% money back guarantee. Then make you pay after you need to follow their steps, diet and definitely exercise. Otherwise, no refund.


1 Box, Buy 2 Free 1, Buy 4 Free 2

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    Thanks Frusso, I slimed down 5 kg after take one treatment!

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    Fast delivery thanks I like it

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Good quality.The product is firmly packed.Good service.Very well worth the money.Very fast delivery.



From RM255.00
(2 Reviews)
Frusso, bring back your confidence

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